minimal windows 4+®

Keller Minimal Windows 4+® is the premium version of the triple-glazed design sliding window is the most highly insulated variant and is the perfect solution for the passive house area. With high-quality insulated glass panes, it is possible to achieve a Uw value of ≥ 0.70 W/m2K.

This system offers all conceivable sliding variants extending up to 3-track systems and corner-post-free internal and external corners. The sliding leaves can be manufactured up to a height of 4.50 m and with a leaf area of up to 12 m2. According to the individual system configuration, concealed electric drives and locks can be used to increase operating comfort. The peripheral frame profiles can be fully installed into the wall and floor. The floor profile with the integrated double stainless-steel rail has a smooth surface and is insensitive to dirt, easy to care for and maintenance-free.


PerformanceKELLER minimal windows®KELLER minimal windows®4+
Facing width 21 mm26 / 34 mm
Max. glass thickness 34 mm56 mm
Max. leaf height4,0 m4,5 m
Max. leaf weight500 kg1,000 kg
Uw-value* up to< 1,2 W/m2K< 0,80 W/m 2 K
Max. leaf size sliding8,5 m212 m2
Max. leaf size fixed18 m218 m2
System configuration1-2-3-4 track(s)1-2-3 track(s)
Burglar resistanceRC 2 / WK 2RC 2 / WK 2
Electric driveDADA
*depending of the Ug; Ψg, installation type and dimensions

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