MS Individual® interior

Glass pivot doors with a minimal aluminum frame

MS_Individual pivot doors might just be the ideal solution to make a unique design statement in contemporary interior.

The door is made with a minimal anodized aluminum frame, available in 3 colors. The frame can be fitted with any type of 6 or 8 mm thick tempered safety glass or other solid materials from 6 up to 12 mm.

The frame is equipped with our invisible pivoting hinges, designed specifically to be mounted on top of a finished surface, without the need for any built-in fixtures. The door features a high-tech comfort closure, that works in all swing directions up to 360°.

These pivot doors can weight up to 150 kg, but, while moving, feels as light as a feather.  The hinge can pivot eccentrically at 80 mm or 178 mm for normal sized doors and can be positioned at 1/3 or centrally for the XL versions.

The top and bottom hinges are mounted on top of the finished floor and solid or reinforced ceiling surface, without any built-in fixtures. The minimal anchoring allows installation on any type of solid surface.

Optional anodized aluminum grid profiles for aesthetic use on glass

The aluminum lines can be glued on top of the glass (on both sides) and are used for aesthetic design purposes. With these optional decorative grid profile, various designs can be implemented in Your interior.

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